Return of a Man Called Horse

Return of a Man Called Horse

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Return of a Man Called Horse

Category: War

Rating: M

Language: English

Directors: Irvin Kershner

Actors: Richard Harris,Geoffrey Lewis,Jorge Luke,William Lucking,Gale Sondergaard


In the 1840s, trappers with government backing push the Yellow Hands Sioux off their sacred land; they retreat into an apocalyptic spirituality, passively waiting for supernatural wrath to descend on their usurpers. Meanwhile, in England, Lord John Morgan feels his spirit weaken, so he returns to America to live again with the Yellow Hand. Finding them dispirited, he invigorates them as well as himself through self-imposed torture and other rituals. Once he convinces the clan to take direct action, Horse must devise a strategy to take the trappers' fort. The clan's women and boys take on special assignments to aid the assault to regain the sacred land.