Wentworth - Season 7  (DVD) Region 4

Wentworth - Season 7 (DVD) Region 4

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The Wentworth season 7 DVD is the 2019 season of this hard hitting Australian production. This is as good as Australian drama gets.

Defend, protect and avenge is the overarching theme of season 7 of the multi-award winning drama series Wentworth when it returns 2019. With the prison on the brink of imploding as the fiery confrontation between the two emerging titans, Rita and Marie, is imminent after season 6’s bloody finale.
With the case of Joan Ferguson closed, a significantly pregnant Vera and her co-conspirators in the Freak’s demise, Will and Jake, are off the hook, at least for now. Meanwhile, Wentworth’s eclectic mix of misfits and rebels are fracturing with the uncertainity of the prison ethos and even the noblest heroes are morally compromised in their mission to shield those they love, and the consquences can be deadly. The on-set of dementia finds Liz clutching at any semblance of hope while Boomer has to deal with the residual of her broken family.