WWE - The Rock The Most Electrifying Man

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Throughout The Rock's incredible sports-entertainment career, fans and foes alike knew enough to know their role, shut their mouth, or risk a beatdown from the Brahma Bull. While he's gone from WWE rings to the big screen, his impact on professional wrestling will never be forgotten. The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment highlights the meteoric rise of The Great One, the first man to hold the WWE Championship seven times. This package is packed with 3 discs filled with 19 amazing matches. Disc 1 Samoan Royalty WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Rocky Maivia RAW (13/02/97) Rock the Ruler WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Owen Hart vs. The Rock RAW (06/04/98) Nation vs. DX King of the Ring Quarterfinal Match Triple H vs. The Rock RAW (22/06/98) Rock's Big Chance WWE Championship Match (Final Round) Mankind vs. The Rock Survivor Series (15/11/98) Rivalry with Mankind Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship Mankind vs. The Rock St. Valentine's Day Massacre (14/02/99) So it continues' Ladder Match for the WWE Championship Mankind vs. The Rock RAW (15/02/99) Two of the Most Charismatic Superstars Ever WWE Championship Match Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock WrestleMania XV (28/03/99) Disc 2 People's Champion Steel Cage Match The Rock vs. Triple H RAW (05/07/99) Rock 'n Sock Connection World Tag Team Championship The Rock / Mankind vs. Undertaker / Big Show RAW (30/08/99) The Verbal SmackDown! No Holds Barred Match The Rock vs. Kane SmackDown! (30/12/99) McMahon ' Helmsley Regime vs. The Rock WWE Championship Match Triple H vs. The Rock Backlash (30/04/00) The Following Night' Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship The Rock vs. Shane McMahon RAW (01/05/00) The Great One vs. The Olympic Medalist WWE Championship Match Kurt Angle vs. The Rock No Way Out (25/02/01) The New Title WCW Championship Match Booker T vs. The Rock SummerSlam (19/08/01) The Undisputed